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Welcome to my home on the web, I'm transgendered, in fact I am transsexual. I am trying to update some of the structure of this site as I am now "full time" doing my RLT ( Real Life Test ). I started this site about 2003 when I was living the lie and trying to keep myself happy as a Transgendered person, as an active out and about Crossdresser (CD) or Transgender (TG). So at the bottom of this page there are 2 links .. one takes you to the section I created a long time ago and maybe of interest to TV's, CD's and TG's. The other link takes you straight to my transistion diary .. which I update every day if I can find the time to do it. I am told my diary has inspired many TS's to go forward, and put off many "wannabee's" who are not really TS but "get off" on the thought of living life as a woman full time. I tell it as it is , as I see it, it's MY life, the hard and the good times.

"Transsexuals" and "T*Girls".

We are called many things, some very unkind and unjust terms, but what ever we are; Transsexual, Transgendered, Cross Dressers or Transvestites we are all Girls at heart, to varing degrees. Girls have nicer hearts than men for sure ... so that makes us nicer people too, if you're prepared to learn about us, you may loose your preconceptions and discover we are human beings too.

If you find this subject offensive, can't handle it, too young to understand, against your State or Country's Laws or you are under the age of 18 - perhaps you should leave here now.

Here you will hear about Sarah and see her, the way she feels inside, through her thoughts and the clothes she wears, and meet some of her friends. 

Sorry but you won't find any nudity, porn, etc., here, so if that is what you are seeking you may as well go and search somewhere else.

I hope you enjoy your visit here and find it interesting and maybe educational. You may also find information here useful if you are starting down this route of discovering the "other you".

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This is the seriousTG/TS part !!!
Sarah_helen in favourite LTS top 2006 ....

This is me in one of my favourite tops in 2006, It projects the person I am now .. well as I am seen out and about in the evenings sometimes, confident and enjoying life to the full.

Ok .. This part is all about real life, the TV/CD/TG life style option this is not. You might find some parts of this distressing, some friends have told me they've been in tears reading it in places, I appologise if this effects you the same way. I talk about life as I see it, how I feel it. Being a TS is not easy, it's not a life style option, but if your truly TS then you have to go through this. This is real life and expect some knocks along the way. This diary covers everything since November 2004 when I first saw Dr Russell Reid. Since September 2005 when I started my RLT things in my life have changed drastically in some ways, but for me life is generally good now, much nicer than struggling on as a make believe male.
If you want to enter my world as it is now, since December 2004 click on my picture on the left. Doing so indicates that you have read my welcome note above and understand in someway what you are about to read and see. What ever your angle, I hope you might learn something from what you read here.
This is Sarah Hélène in 2006.

New Decmber 2007 .. A page of links "trans" related .. for those seeking "independent" information .. click here

The old TV / CD / TG part !!!

Sarah_helen in favourite top ....
This is me in one of my favourite tops in 2003, It projects the person I would have been, if I could have been Sarah full time in 2003, slightly glamorous, soft and undoubtedly feminine, but not real life as I know it now.

Ok .. I started this site in 2003, and now, since September 2005, things in my life have changed drastically. This part of the site predates November 2004 when I started hormones and my Diary. Remember I am a transsexual and living full time now as Sarah.
If you want to enter my world as it was prior to November 2004 click on my picture on the left. Doing so indicates that you have read my welcome note above and understand in someway what you are about to see.

If you new to this, finding a nice supportive group if your CD/TG can often be difficult. A well established group with a depth of experience is the best place .. try Transgender_Outreach on Yahoo.

    This is Sarah Hélène in 2003.